Why Hair Chalk?

Why Hair Chalk?

Here at Hair Chalk UK we wanted to clear a few things up for you and tell you the benefits of Hair Chalk. On reflection we might of been better off asking the question why NOT to chalk, as we can never get enough of a colour fix from our range. However, for all our fellow hair chalkers we thought we would give you an insight into the advantages of this fast growing craze. Hair chalking is now so popular and the trend is only on the up. This inexpensive, fun and fabulous new solution to adding temporary colour to your hair, is without a doubt the ‘must have’ in your cosmetics bag!

There are so many benefits to hair chalk so here are a few to get you started:

      • It is Temporary!

        Although this may seem like an obvious benefit, we need to emphasise just how important this is. When we say temporary, we don’t mean like a temporary hair colour that washes out in 6-8 or 8-10 washes, we mean you literally put it in your hair temporarily and can wash it straight out. This is perfect if you want a fun, funky and fresh hairstyle for the weekend but then you have to be back to normality for work or school on Monday morning! Temporary colour really does mean temporary with Hair Chalk UK’s products!

      • It is safe!

        All of the products at Hair Chalk UK are CE marked, meaning they are 100% non-toxic and safe to use on all hair, whether it be your own, your kids or even the family pet! There is no need for allergy tests or patch tests or any messing around hours before you want to crack on getting that temporary hair colour. PLUS, you can say goodbye to that awful hair dye smell you get with semi permanent and permanent hair dyes!!

      • No Waiting around!

        As soon as your hair chalk arrives you can crack on! And what is even better, the colour payoff is instant, meaning you don’t have to stroll around your house with a carrier bag on your head for 30 minutes while it develops. The colour as you apply it is the colour it stays, awesome huh!

      • Zero Damage!

        One of the most important advantages of hair chalk is that it does zero damage to your hair. The hair chalk sits on the outside of your hair shaft (on the cuticle) meaning it never enters the structure of your hair and therefore can never cause damage.

      • Awesome price tag

        One of the most popular reasons for hair chalk being so great is that on top of all of these advantages, it is also not bad on the purse strings! Hair chalk is a cheaper alternative to temporary hair colour or any hair colour for that matter and with our products starting from as little as £3.49 plus p&p you will not be disappointed!

      • Looking good!

        All of our products from Hair Chalk UK not only look good in your hair but also look good in the box. So whether you are looking for something compact to pop in your bag on a night out, or an ideal present for someone who is on trend and loves a bit of colour or maybe you are looking for that extra special product with a difference and a professional look to stock in your shop, our products are simple and stylish and can appeal to many different ages who want to have a play with temporary colour!

How do I get my hands on some?!

At Hair Chalk UK there is a wide variety of temporary hair colour on offer. Once you have made your selection and ordered your hair chalk or products, we here at Hair Chalk UK then aim post within 1 working day. We offer two options for UK postage; second-class postage is free, or you can opt to pay £1.10 for first-class postage. This means you could have your Hair Chalk with you within 1-2 days of ordering! We also offer to ship worldwide.

Finally, please see our “blogs section” page for ideas, tutorials and inspiration for when your colour bug takes over and you fancy a spot of hair chalking!
We love to see what all of our fellow hair chalkers get up to, so send us a snap of your own handy work to [email protected]. We may even feature your image on our website!

Why Hair Chalk? Now you know why!

Happy Hair chalking!