Tie-dye hair is one of those looks you’d never think of, but looks so obviously cool when it appears. With festival season fast approaching, we decided we wanted to master this hair trend with hair chalk.
Tie Dye Hair

As tie-dye hair is a particularly colourful look, we recommend a hair chalk set, so you can get a good variety of shades.

Before you start, read our FAQ to get an idea of how to use the chalks.

How to get tie-dye hair at home with hair chalk

Believe it or not, this complex-looking hair trend is perfectly possible with hair chalk – meaning you can rock the look and then wash right it out for something different.

Tie Dye Hair
1. Divide your hair into two layers – top and bottom – and four or five sections within each. Secure with rubber bands or hair ties to make little pony-tails.

2. Tie little fabric swatches around the hair sections, at a couple of points through the pony-tails. This doesn’t have to be particularly even or regular. We’re going hippy-dippy, remember!

3. Select your colours – we recommend vibrant pinks, oranges and greens for a really funky festival vibe. Spritz your hair to slightly dampen it, and colour the uncovered bits in whatever pattern you like.

4. Untie your hair and seal the colour by straightening or blow-drying your hair. Spritz with medium-hold hairspray to keep the colours bright all day!

Keep it subtle
“Subtle” and “tie-dye hair” might not seem like two words that go naturally together, but it is possible! Follow the steps for classic tie-dye above, but keep the colours either pastel-light or quite similar to your own hair colour. Blondes – try strawberry pink and yellow. Brunettes – dark red and purple.

Tie Dye Hair

Shibori Hair

OK, this was a challenge but we think we’ve cracked it!

Shibori is the Japanese version of tie-dye – elegant, whimsical and stylish. Shibori hair is a gorgeously cutting edge festival trend, but it’s expensive to get done in a salon and tricky to do at home. Thankfully, hair chalks are here for you!

First, watch this video on Shibori hair techniques.

What you’ll be doing is copying this technique, but instead of dye-covered sticks you’ll be wrapping a dampened stick of hair chalk in each section. Each section only needs to be pressed in for a few seconds before unwinding, sealing with heat or hairspray, and clipping out of the way before repeating the process.

We think this look is best with the classic blues, but you can also get good results with purple or even a deep green.