Right, is winter finally over? You’re sure? Finally. Time to start planning in earnest for our summer of festivals, then! While we don’t want to spend our weekends in the sun (or, let’s be honest, drizzle) wasting hours with beauty routines, we still want to look our best. With that in mind, we’ve listed the top four “beauty survival” products to take with you this festival season.
Festival Survival Guide

Temporary tattoos
You might associate temporary tattoos with the flimsy cartoon things we all got from machines as kids – but times move on, and fashionistas are embracing the chance to rock easy, non-permanent body designs during festival season. Boho is a look that particularly benefits from a temp tattoo – think feathers, tribal designs, and meaningful symbols. We like metallic tattoos for festivals, as they gleam in the sunshine and add a touch of sparkle to your outfit when you don’t want to risk jewellery. These ones last for up to five days, too. They still work the same way as they always have – apply water, hold down, peel off. Voila!

Festival Survival Guide
Dry shampoo
Dry shampoo is one of our favourite products, even outside of festival season. It adds volume, lift and texture to hair – and, of course, keeps it looking clean between washes! For long weekenders, it’s a must. Our top tip is to apply liberally before going to sleep for the night (or morning). You’ll wake up with your hair looking great, and with none of that residue that gives dry shampoo a bad name. The Indy helpfully listed some of the best brands, so try it out!

Hair chalk
Whatever festival hair trend you’re going for, hair chalk is a great alternative to the rigmarole of bleaching, dying and – ultimately – frazzling your hair all summer long. A hair chalk set can be used in a myriad of hairstyles – from the ever-present pastel unicorn looks, to neon pops of colour, and even gothic and sultry. If you can be bothered with shampooing your hair while you’re at a festival, you can even try out several looks on the same weekend.

Festival Survival Guide
Tinted sunscreen
We hate to sound preachy, but you’ve got to look after your skin in the summer! Lobster face is not only unattractive, it’s prematurely ageing and potentially deadly. Since we discovered tinted sunscreen (like this one) we’ve been much happier about slapping it on. Adding a bit of colour to your face while protecting it from harmful rays? Win-win.