Is it silly how excited we are that temporary tattoos are back in fashion? Maybe… but who cares! We’re being thrown right back to the 90s and we love it.

Temporary Tattoos

The temporary tattoos trend has been gaining momentum this year ever since Dior sent models down the catwalk with sophisticated tattoo transfers. We also saw tiny, monochrome designs worn on fashionistas’ necks and ankles. We saw tattoos mimicking watercolours, retro pin-up designs, and even realistic-looking cats and dogs (we’re not quite sure about those ones…)
As the weather got warmer, the trend evolved into more traditionally summery designs. Metallics took centre stage, especially after the crew on Love Island plastered themselves in the glimmering transfers! You can see a selection of metallic temporary tattoos here, and build your own look (possibly a bit more subtle than the Love Island boys’ attempts!). We particularly like metallic designs for beach and pool parties, as they glimmer beautifully in the sunshine. For a night out, the metallic tattoos that mimic jewellery are a stand-out choice, particularly striking with a simple monochrome dress.

Temporary Tattoos

Festivals are where you can afford to be extra, so we’ve been trialling 3D temporary tattoos alongside the more classic looks this festival season. The eye-catching designs are perfect for midriffs and thighs, so pairing them with a crop top or hot pants is a good bet.

3D Temporary Tattoos

For a more subtle foray into the trend, it’s hard to go wrong with henna designs. We’ve found that the russet-coloured swirls can be worn with everyday fashions, peeking out from underneath work clothes (if you’ve got an understanding boss) or on display on a sunny Saturday. They look good with most clothes and are traditionally worn with flowing outfits, but we’ve been wearing them with blouses and blazers: we really like the contrast between straight-laced and hippy-dippy.

Temporary Tattoos Henna

You’ll be pleased to hear that applying the new generation of temporary tattoos is as easy as it ever was. You can see full instructions on any of the product pages, but in summary: cut out, get wet, press down, voila. Very familiar to anyone who enjoyed the free gifts from girls’ mags back in the 90s!

Don’t forget to send pics 🙂