Hidden Rainbow Roots are taking the world by storm! Just when you think the fashion world has surely run out of inventive ways of making your hair technicolour, it goes and proves you wrong again! Riffing off unicorn hair, rainbow hair and even “hidden hair”, rainbow roots are the latest vivid hair trend – and, you’ll be pleased to hear, very doable with hair chalk.

Australian salon Blondies of Melbourne propelled the new hair trend into popular culture with their series of Instagram posts. They’re great for those who want a stylish but subtle burst of colour, revealed when the wearer runs their hand through their hair or tosses their newly done tresses! It’s also easily transformed into in-your-face rainbow by styling your hair into an up-do.

Hidden Rainbow Roots
As you can see, hidden rainbow roots are seriously cute – but quite a big commitment for your hair. You’re going to end up with a line of bleached hair even when the colours fade. Never fear, however, as we’ve been experimenting at Hair Chalk HQ and have found out that completely temporary rainbow roots are very possible.

Creating rainbow roots with hair chalk

♥ First, don’t forget to read our FAQ page to find out how to use hair chalk effectively.

♥ Next, decide on your tools. We’ve found that our compact 12 piece hair chalk sets provide ample colour choice for this look but, of course, feel free to go even wilder with a larger range of pigments.

12 Piece Hair Chalk Set
♥ Part your hair in the centre. Spritz your parting with water from a spray bottle, and colour both sides of the parting in the bright shades you want (stripes work best for this!)

♥ Using the end of a tail comb, lift up a section of your hair and flip it over. For those of you who’ve dyed your roots at home before, this is basically the same process.

♥ Colour your “new” parting as before.

♥ Repeat the process until you reach the end of this side of your head – if you have longer hair, you might want to clip the completed sections out of the way.

♥ Once you’ve done one side of your head, use the comb to find your original centre parting, then repeat the process on the other side.

♥ If you want a hairline like the model from Melbourne, finish by clipping your hair backwards and simply colouring in the hairline.
Rainbow Underlights
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