Pastels are growing up this summer. The unicorn, candy and mermaid hair trends are making way for more muted, subtle hair styles that look as good at an evening soiree as they do at a festival.

Our current favourite hair trend of this genre is gem roots hair, which concentrates on the roots. For this reason it will work far better with blonde or bleached hair, but if you want to experiment with this trend (using hair chalks – no risk!) on your darker hair we’d love to see the results. We’re constantly surprised by the abilities of our readers!

The gem roots hair trend was started by pastel hair sorcerer (or ‘hair stylist’ as some call her) Chita Beseau. Here’s the image that wowed the internet. Oh, and while you’re there, spend a minute scrolling through her feed… seriously, you guys.

Gem Roots
Anyway, gem hair! Not only is it pretty and flattering, but it exhibits a depth of colour that takes a while to put your finger on – until you realise that the amethyst tones have been complemented by subtle hints of green. This takes it from the usual sweet pastel gradient to something altogether more sophisticated. Beseau says she based it on opal.

As you might have guessed, getting gem roots done is pretty expensive, and fades reasonably quickly anyway (the curse of pastels). So we’ve done our usual experimentation and worked out how to recreate this hair trend with hair chalks. Hurrah!

First of all, if this is your first time using hair chalks, please familiarise yourself with our FAQ page, which will tell you the basics (it’s super easy).

Next, prepare your tools! You’ll need at least one pink, one purple and one green (turquoise, preferably) hair chalk. If you happen to have a hair chalk set  lying around, more shades of purple and pink will make the colouring ‘pop’. You’ll also want a spray bottle of water and a can of hairspray.

Hair Chalk Sets - 24 Piece SetsWe think a centre parting works best with this style, so get a tail comb and go right down the middle. Unusually, the middle is where we’re going to start for this hair trend: we’re diving in straight away with the green. Don’t wet your hair if you can help it at this point, because we’re going for subtle tones.

Sweep the green through thick sections of your hair, starting an inch from the roots and ending about three inches down. It will look stripy at this point. That’s fine.

Next, add the pink: again, using a light touch. If you’re using more than one shade, start with the lighter one and then add ‘lowlights’. Blend the top of the pink section with the bottom of the green section. You can go as low as you like with the pink, but we like this look with at least half the hair remaining blonde.

Finally, carefully spritz your roots with a tiny bit of water (we don’t want the colours we’ve already got to run) and apply the purple hair chalk right from the roots. Again, start light and go darker as you fancy.

Finish up by heat styling as normal, and setting with a good whirl of hairspray.

Don’t forget to send your gem roots hair pics to us at Hair Chalk UK! 🙂