Pearlescent hair is becoming increasing popular! We’re still super into pastels for winter 2017, but – like fashionistas everywhere – we’re always searching for ways to stand out from the crowd. Pearlescent hair seems to be the answer to our prayers!

Not to be confused with Unicorn Hair, which embraces warm tones, the pearlescent hair trend relies on cool colours for an otherworldly shine.

Pearlescent HairOne thing we love about pearl hair colour is that it works equally well on any length of hair – from pixie to long – and is also flattering on most skin tones, as you’ve got the choice of which colours to use. You can go for pastel colours, or take advantage of the current white-and-grey fashion and use shiny white.

Unfortunately, pearlescent hair is a real commitment. It takes multiple expensive salon trips and, due to the light shades used, it’s damaging too. However, we’ve been experimenting, and found that you can create a similar look with hair chalk – and this way you get to experiment every day!

This hair trend works best on blonde to light blonde hair, although following the steps below with darker hair will still lead to a gorgeous opal-like sheen.

Read our FAQ first to learn the basics of applying hair chalk, and choose your weapons: we like our 24 piece hair chalk sets for this look, because it includes several pastels, a grey and a white for highlights.

Pearlescent HairHow to get pearlescent hair at home with hair chalk

It’s easiest to achieve this in sections. Clip the top half of your hair out of the way, and spritz the bottom layer with water.

For a “classic” pearl look, apply light grey towards the roots, with white towards the ends (about two thirds white, one-third grey). Blend!

For a more colourful style, use your chosen colours in uneven, “natural” looking streaks. Use light-hold hairspray to set.

Release the top section of your hair, and spritz with water again.

Hair Chalk Sets - 24 Piece SetsIf you’re going monochrome, apply grey – a light layer – to the top two-thirds of your hair. Darken a little right towards the roots. Then colour in the rest with white, adding a few white highlights to the light grey section.

For colours, repeat as before!

Finally, for a pearlescent shimmer, rub a tiny bit of hair serum between your hands and lightly distribute over the top of your hair, before using spray to set.