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Use our Silver Hair Diamonds to add temporary sparkle to your hair within minutes. Hair Diamonds are proving to be extremely popular for parties, festivals and celebrations. Hair Diamonds are a perfect fashion accessory for weddings and proms, add some extra elegance to your hair with ease.

Each pack contains 48 crystals.


  • Brush through your hair thoroughly to remove any knots. Depending on the hair style you are applying your hair diamonds to, it may be easier to style your hair before applying the hair diamonds. We would recommend this for any “plait” hair style or up-do.
  • Remove all packaging from your hair diamonds. Next you need to cut out your chosen pattern of hair diamonds, you can apply them individually or in strips.
  • Remove the plastic backing (on the back of the hair diamonds). Place your hair diamonds firmly on to your hair.
  • Using hair straighteners, heat each diamond individually for  a couple of seconds. Do not pull down on the hair diamonds, keep them firmly in place.
  • Now you can remove the clear plastic sheet on the front of the hair diamonds. Your Hair Diamonds should now be in place.
  • Hair Diamonds can last for up to a week. However if you would like to remove the diamonds, try brushing them out. More tips for removing Hair Diamonds can be found on the instructions provided on the packaging.

Instructions are included.

We stock 5 colours of Hair Diamonds: Red, Light Pink, Fuchsia Pink, Silver and Sky Blue. All Hair Diamonds are priced at £2.79.

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