Use our Hair Chalk Sets to create instant vibrant or pastel shades in your hair which can be washed out within minutes. Our Hair Chalk sticks are of the highest quality and quick and easy to use!

All Twenty-Four Piece Hair Chalk Sets come with the colours shown in our images.


  • Brush through your hair thoroughly to remove any knots.
  • Place an old T-Shirt or an old towel around your neck and shoulders. The Hair Chalk can get slightly messy so we always recommend protecting your clothes whilst applying Hair Chalk.
  • Using water, slightly dampen the parts of your hair that you will be chalking. We recommend spraying water on to the hair for an even coverage.
  • Now its time to use the Hair Chalk. Take your chosen chalk stick and press firmly against your hair, pull the chalk through your hair in a downwards sweeping motion. By applying the chalk this way, it prevents any knots being created.
  • Once you have finished applying your hair chalk, use a little hair spray or go over your hair with straighteners or a curling wand to fully seal in the colour.
  • Brush the hair as little as possible until you are ready to remove the colour as this will loosen the chalk particles. Once you are ready to remove the hair chalk from your hair, apply a generous amount of shampoo to your dry hair and massage and leave it to soak for a few minutes. Wash out the shampoo and apply some conditioner, allow the conditioner to stay in your hair for around 5 minutes, this will allow the hair to become rejuvenated. Once rinsed, the colour should be removed. Some hair types may take a couple of washes to fully remove all of the colour.

Instructions are included.

As with all hair colourant products, we highly recommend doing a small test patch to see how well the colour is removed when washing, occasionally hair chalk can take a couple of washes to fully remove depending on your hair type. In particular, bleached, brittle or dry hair may take a couple of washes to fully remove all of the colour.

CHALK SIZE: Length 40mm, Width 10mm, Depth 17mm

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