Bleed dyes have a bad reputation: it’s associated with dye jobs that have been left to fade, or with the do-it-yourself dip dyes we all loved. But now salons have smartened up the trend, and ushered in a new era of bleed dyes: the “high-end bleed”.

Image sourced Instagram: notanothersalon

This is a pretty flexible hair trend. Colour bleed hair can be done in neon or pastel (perfect for festivals), natural colours (great for work), or a mix of out-there and natural (excellent for anywhere!).

Try all of these bleed dye trends out without frazzling your hair by using hair chalk.

Before you start experimenting, have a quick look at our FAQ for the basics of hair chalk.

bleed dyes

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Festival hair bleed

Creating a hair bleed fit for a festival queen is super easy with hair chalk.

First, ready your colours (we recommend a hair chalk set for these kind of looks, as you’ll be using several shades. Because we’re going for something a cut above the grungy teenage look, you’ll want to pick out several complementary shades. You’ll be working in a gradient, but it doesn’t have to be darkest at the top, lightest at the bottom: mix it up a bit if you like!

bleed dyes

Photo Sourced Instagram : notanothersalon

Neon hair bleed

This is such a fun look, and if you use neon UV chalks it’s even better when you’re under a UV light. Choose whichever colours you love: we’re into orange, red and yellow this summer, for a sunrise neon hair look.

Spritz your hair with water and get a good strong yellow going on your roots and the first third of your hair. Then spritz again to re-dampen and apply the next shade – orange – overlapping slightly with the first. Repeat for red. This should result in a bright, eye-catching bleed.

Hair Bleed

Image Sourced Instagram: notanothersalon

Pastel hair bleed

Pastels have survived a whole year in the spotlight and are back for festival season 2018. Blue and pink work beautifully in a bleed, especially if you add a little purple to deepen the blend. Be more sparing with the water when working towards pastel: the wetter your hair, the brighter the tone, in general.

Natural/combination hair bleed

This is our favourite daytime and office bleed dye trend this summer. Blend a bright or deep colour with either your natural hair colour or another, more muted hair chalk tone.

Your own hair and style will influence which colours you choose for this, but we’ve particularly loved seeing brunettes with scarlet roots (colour the roots and add lighter, well-blended sections going down) and blondes with rose gold tips (start with a dusky pink, then blend into the blonde with orange or yellow).