Hair is such a big part of a stunning Halloween costume, but some of the ideas we love look like they’d frazzle your locks. Luckily, hair chalk comes to the rescue again! (We really need a theme tune.)

You can try out as many Halloween trends as you like without spending a fortune on your hair (we make no such promises for the costumes – that’s up to you!), or damaging it before the cold weather really sets in. Check out the FAQ to learn the basics of hair chalk, then dive into our spooky-stylish special.

Halloween Unicorns

If you’re still digging the unicorn trend, we’re thrilled to tell you that Halloween is the time to go full extra with the look.

Glitter Makeup. Temp tattoos. Flower crowns. Three tonnes of highlighter. Pastel hair.

So. Much. Pretty.

Halloween Hair 2018

Instagram: magicofunicorns

To create the full-on unicorn, see our blog post on the trend. It’s a versatile look, so you’re free to pick whichever colours suit you best. We think unicorn colours work best with curled hair, but we’ve also seen some gorgeous poker-straight styles and even some candy-coloured pixie cuts.

You might like to add some Hair Diamonds if you really can’t get enough of the glitter. Top with a flower crown and unicorn horn and spritz liberally with hairspray.

Team your ‘do with super girly, super shimmery makeup; glittery temporary tattoos; and whatever outfit makes you feel like a unicorn.

Go Goth

Swinging to the other extreme, we’re also great lovers of the traditional Halloween aesthetic: spooky, dark, shadowy hair.

Channel Wednesday Adams for a hair trend that works well with loads of fancy-dress options – great for a last-minute Halloween costume.

Halloween Hair

Instagram: empty__daddy

To get the look, part your hair down the middle, section into at least two parts, and spritz liberally with water. Colour the first two-thirds of the length in with black or a deep, dark red.

Choose another colour (grey works well for witches and wraiths; purple or blue for sexy sorceresses) and colour the tips, blending well.

Seal the colour by straightening your hair, then braid it into two pigtail plaits.

Do your makeup at this point (however you like it – but we strongly recommend taking the opportunity to go mad with the smoky palette).

Then, for a really spooky extra, paint yourself a widow’s peak on your hairline – a good liquid eyeliner will do the job if you don’t have face paint. Just make sure you include it when you use your setting spray!

Ice Queen

This is another great last-minute Halloween fancy dress costume. All you need is your hair chalk, your usual makeup (although white face paint will make it easier) and a cute white dress.

The hair part of the fancy-dress is super simple as well, although you can put more time in for a high-effort look.

If you want to keep it low-key, tie your hair back into a messy bun (hey, we haven’t seen that sentence in a while!). Let some artful tendrils escape, then frost your hairline with a white chalk. Don’t be afraid to get a little on the skin.

Halloween Hair Ice Queen

Instagram: misslauragm

For the ‘wow’ factor, you can take the time to colour your hair in cool pastels: pale blue is classic, but a very light purple could work well too. Then add bright white ‘highlights’ and style your hair in braids or curls.

As with hair, your makeup can be as low- or high-effort as you feel like. A white-based smoky eye and pale lips will do fine, or you can paint intricate frost designs on your face, neck and chest. Sharp contouring is a bonus.