Feeling parched? Our favourite spring hair trend is here to help. Instagram’s alive with #fruitjuicehair looks, which we love for their cuteness, flexibility and versatility – there’s something to suit every hair length and shade.

Fruit juice hair is all about combining fresh, bright shades and enjoying the delicious-looking blends. This is good news for hair chalk lovers, as there are a million combinations to try – and you don’t have to ruin your hair if you want to flaunt loads of different ones over the season! Be sure to check out our hair chalk FAQ to get the basics of application down, and then experiment to your heart’s content.
Hairstylist Alisha McAlister started the trend with this post which is a fruity and fabulous result of an experimental session, it soon inspired lots of copy-cat looks and spin-offs.

Fruit juice hair ideas
36 Piece Hair Chalk Set
Banana and raspberry juice hair
We’re not quite ready to let go of pastels yet, and this subtle-yet-quirky look is a cute middle-ground between unicorn and fruit juice. Yellow might not seem like the obvious colour for an ombre look, but used subtly it can add freshness. Create this look with hair chalk by using a light pink (the hair chalk sets give you a good variety) on the top half of your hair and blending into light yellow on the bottom. Straighten your hair to seal the colour and use a tiny amount of serum to add shine.

Fruit-Juice-Hair-Colour-Trend 1
Blood orange juice hair
Orange juice might be a bit brassy for the fresh vibes we’re after, but blood orange gives hair a warm, sunshine look that we’re all over. Get this trend by sectioning your hair and applying reddish-pink to 80% or so of the sections, and orange for the rest. We really like how this looks curled, so get those tongs out!

Fruit-Juice-Hair-Colour-Trend 1
Mixed juice hair
This look is closest to the original trend, and it takes the most time – but the results are gorgeous. You’ll be applying several different colours (check out those sets again) for a full, fruity spectrum.

First, pick your colours. Aim for five or six for a really rich look. We recommend a brown, a peach, a pink, a red and a purple. Spritz your hair to make it slightly damp, because we want a deep colour. Start with the brown and purple colours, doing quite big sections, and then move on to the brighter shades in smaller sections. Think of peach as the highlight.

When you’re happy with the colour, style as usual and add a bit of texturising product or serum, depending on your preference.