It’s that time of year again… with the snow melted and the first tantalising rays of sunshine hitting our faces, we’re turning our minds to the upcoming festival season.

The festival trends of 2018 are summed up in three words: flirty and fun.


First to debut her spring/summer hair look was Kim Kardashian, with a pink shade that’s oh-so-flattering for her skin. Her advice (on Instagram, as she unveiled the new ‘do) was to experiment with non-permenant options before committing. Well, hello, hair chalk!
Kim Kardashian Pink Hair
If you want a style similar to Kim’s (and suitable for dancing in fields until the sun comes up), first check out our Neon UV Hair Chalks, and choose either a pink, purple or red. Apply to most of your hair, leaving just your roots natural.


There are two main directions for nail trends this festival season: girly boho and in-your-face vivid.

Even with the former, we still like to stand out from the crowd a little, so we recommend UV Pastel Nail Polish as a good compromise. Subtle and girly by day, eye-catching and glowing by night! Pair them with summery nail transfers and really get creative.
UV Pastel Nail PolishIf you want to get a bit more intense, try out some brighter colours (still UV!). This year’s festival trends will lean towards girly, so consider a pink, purple or even a blue (perfect with purple hair).


We love festival makeup – it’s a chance to go as bold and adventurous as you like without any judgement. With that in mind, we’re seriously enjoying creating new looks with Neon Glitter Face and Body Gels. This year’s makeup trends are all about the eyes, so frame those peepers with bright colour and glitz (not too close to the eyes, of course!).

You can choose to stay close to classic looks (see Maisie Williams for inspiration) for an almost-demure but still unique makeup look. Pair this with nature-inspired accessories and a nude lip.

Or you can go festival-wild and let your creative side run free. Tribal swirls surrounding your eyes, or elaborately painted brows, will wow your fellow festival-goers.

Festival Hair FunShow off the intricate designs with a UV torch, and spend time in the clubbing tents!