Fruit inspired hair trends are set to take this Spring and Summer by storm. We’ve finally had a few glimpses of sun and so (maybe a bit prematurely!) we’re getting excited about warm spring days. To that end, we’ve picked out some juicy hair trends inspired by lush fruits.

Cherry hair

We’ll start with somewhat of a classic. Cherry-red hair is elegant, warming and different enough to make you stand out from the crowd while still being appropriate for most situations.

Cherry Hair - Fruity Hair Trends

Cherry hair is characterised by dark, sultry shades (pick a couple out of a hair chalk set. When creating it with hair chalk, we suggest that you start with a mid-tone red and then add highlights and lowlights as you like. For an ombre look, save the darkest red for the bottom third of your hair length.

Cherry hair looks great on all hair lengths, from pixie cuts to tumbling curls. Lily Collins has been rocking it with a long, wavy bob.

Peach hair

Peach is another understated-yet-fabulous hair trend – and celebrities are all over it (even Katy Perry). The trend, which works best on blonde or light brown hair, is similar to rose gold in the way it lifts and brightens the skin, making it perfect for an early spring look.
Peach Hair - Fruity Hair Trends
Peach hair can be achieved with hair chalks by applying subtle streaks of orange and pink to your locks, making sure to blend well. Less is more with this fresh-looking hair trend.

Watermelon hair

Talking of “less is more” – well, let’s go in completely the opposite direction! Watermelon hair is the funnest fruity hair trend we’ve seen so far this year. It looks good enough to eat!

Despite its dramatic look, watermelon hair is super easy to do with hair chalk. We think this is the perfect time to break out the neon UV hair chalks for a particularly vibrant look. Just colour the top half (lengthways!) of your hair green and the bottom half pink. It looks great with curls or soft waves.
Watermelon Hair - Fruity Hair Trends
You’ll need to have at least shoulder length hair to get the “split” look, but another fun way to style this trend is by colouring the underside of your hair watermelon pink or red, and chalking the top layer green. Voila – fruity underlights!

Banana hair

Moving into the truly vivid, we were inspired by this look from Cassie Ventura. A play off the highlighter hair trend, this neon hairstyle somehow looks good enough to eat.
Banana Hair - Fruity Hair Trends
To get the look, style your hair poker straight and apply light yellow or white to the roots of your hair, before adding the bright yellow to the rest of the length. Run the straighteners over once more to really set the colour.

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