Who’s thirsty? We’ve noticed a sudden abundance of beverage-themed hair trends recently, and at Hair Chalk UK we’re loving it – especially as hair chalk lets us try them all out without breaking the bank (or our follicles!)

Before you try out any of these styles, check out our FAQ and learn the basics of hair chalk. We recommend a set of chalks for most of these looks, as they require several colours.


Let’s start off light! Cream soda is a warm, soft look for fashionistas with lighter hair. It features platinum, beige brown and warm gold; achieving a ‘glowing’ look for those who master it. Not to mention, Gigi Hadid is well known for this particular style!

Cream Soda Drink Hair Trend
To create with hair chalk, start with light blonde to dark blonde hair, and add golden and brown streaks (even underlighting with a little yellow and white). Try and go a tad darker towards the roots, being careful to blend properly (this can be done with your fingers).


Moving into spring, how about a cute nod to a huge pastel trend? Pink lemonade hair is a subtle way of rocking the “unicorn” style – a sweet blush through your hair, with vivid streaks applied ‘to taste’. Use two shades of pink, applying the lighter first and adding thin streaks of dark or bright pink.

This look is perfect for long, straight hair, or for a curly ponytail.
36 Piece Set Gallery Image 2

I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely still chilly enough for another glass or two of mulled wine. This look is rich and warm, perfect to pull you through the last weeks of winter.

If it looks a bit familiar, you’re right – mulled wine hair is a straight-up 90s throwback, great with brown-toned lipstick and denim jackets.

Mulled Wine Hair
Easily get this look with hair chalk by starting with a base tone – anything between bright red and purple works – and working in a mixture of thick and thin streaks of red, purple and dark brown.

This colour looks great with a long, wavy bob or loose curls.


OK, you didn’t think you’d get away without a ridiculously bright look, did you? Our favourite cocktail (orange juice, tequila and grenadine) just happens to look awesome as a hairstyle.

First, apply a bright yellow base to the top half of your hair (working in layers if necessary), then blend in a gradient with a warm or bright orange, depending on what suits your skin tone. Finally, do the very tips in either a bright red or a warm pink – again, being careful to blend properly.

Tequila Sunrise Hair Trends
This look is definitely easiest with long hair, but with a bit of care it can look gorgeous on shorter styles as well.