Hair Chalk UK is a small business based in Shropshire, UK, which was launched back in September 2013 with just one product.

With always having an interest in hair and beauty, we were continually on the look out for new products. We had seen that Hair Chalk was gradually becoming popular within the UK and wondered what it would take to turn Hair Chalk into a widespread product throughout the UK.

We did our research and found that at this point there wasn’t a website dedicated to this product. We quickly found a supplier and to start with just ordered 50 of the 6 Piece Sets of Chalk.

After placing a few more orders and seeing how quickly these packs would sell, we looked at more that could be added to the product range. Within just a few months we had three products in the Hair Chalk range that all seemed very popular in the UK and many other countries such as Italy and Russia.

We then decided that it was time to get a website created in order to really showcase the products. We plan to carry on adding more great products to this range and to keep up to date with exactly what the market requires. We believe that Hair Chalk is such a great product and is suitable for all ages. For many years the main problem with adding colour to hair has always been the struggle when it comes to removing the colour. Hair Chalk solves this problem and is non-toxic as well as being inexpensive compared to similar products.

We have received so much positive feedback about Hair Chalk and hope to continue doing so.