Good Hair products are always a necessity, even more so in Winter! The air is crisp, the shops are full of festive music, and we can hear the faint jingle of bells in the distance… Christmas must be on its way. With Christmas comes loads of parties, dinners and nights on the town, all of which you want to look your best for. We think that hair is possibly the most important part of the glam equation, so we’ve put together a list of products you might want to consider (for yourself or as pressies for your loved ones) for Christmas 2017.

A good conditioner
This is one of the most essential hair products. You need to get your hair in tip-top condition before you start persuading it into gorgeous styles. We’ve been trying to avoid silicones and parabens in order to really encourage hair growth, and Faith in Nature is a good product line to look at. The one we’ve linked even smells like cranberry – festive!

Hair chalk
We really like pops of colour with Christmas looks. Fun, low-key Christmas parties (think silly jumpers) are the perfect venue to add streaks of red and green to your hair, while “night out” occasions might benefit from something fun but elegant, like a purple under-colour or a red dip-dye. Dying your hair is time-consuming and – let’s be honest – a bit risky for something you only want to wear out once or twice. That’s why we use Hair Chalk for temporary, versatile colour.
must have hair products
Hair shimmer
Christmas is the time to be unabashedly sparkly, and that includes your hair! Hair shimmer serum or spray is a great way to add a bit of festive magic to your look. We’re fans of L’Oreal Professionnel Mythic Shimmering Oil, which might be a bit OTT for day-to-day use but has the perfect amount of sparkle for a festive occasion.

Hair chains
Hair chains are one of those accessories that look glam and complicated, but are actually ridiculously easy to pull off. They work with a ponytail, a bun, or braids. Check out this option which slides easily into hair without pulling.

Hair Chain Option A
Silver accents
For something elegant and subtle, we’ve been loving the trends of long hair teased into intricate braids and twists, then set off with a silver accessory. We’re particularly fond of leaves and flowers wrought in silvery metal – think slender wreaths. This head band should give you an idea.
must have hair products